Home Security Solutions

        Tuya home security solutions combine Tuya's AI and IoT platforms in partnership with global leading security service providers, integrators, manufacturers and insurance companies, driving the security industry's intelligent transformation.


        Tuya Home Security Fully Empowers the Intelligent Upgrade of the Security Domain

        • Comprehensive Protection

        • Strong Performance

        • Artificial Intelligence

        • Value-added Empowerment

        Comprehensive Protection

        The comprehensive security product realizes automation scenarios of home security through cloud control and local synchronization of spatial security, environmental security, personal security, proactive security and other security measures.

        Strong Performance

        • The security solution covers hardware, software, platforms and end-to-end algorithm systems, providing outstanding performance and comfortably responding to different types of security application scenarios.

        • The product uses high-performance hardware with cutting-edge computing capabilities, high sensitivity and fast response.

        • Low power consumption and low cost are implemented through built-in Wi-Fi, Zigbee and BLE low-power consumption wireless modules, allowing easy interconnection with home security networks and security systems.

        AI Smart Security

        Through CV(Computer Vision), ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition), NLP(Natural Language Processing), smart data and other key technologies, the product automatically learns common household behaviors, proactively reporting abnormalities and providing early warnings to improve security and user experience.

        • Abnormal Behavior Reminder

          Abnormal behaviors occur, such as old people falling, children opening the door, APP real-time reminds.

          Abnormal Behavior Reminder

        • Face Recognition

          Intelligently trigger security device linkage based on face recognition information.

          Face Recognition

        • User Habits Learning

          Track and learn the home's activities of daily living, automatically switch smart security scenes.

          User Habits Learning

        Value-added Empowerment

        Online management of security devices and data via the data operating platform greatly increases management efficiency. Acquiring users' hidden requirements allows for precise marketing and intelligent commercialization.

        • User Portrait

        • Demand for new purchases

          Precision marketing to target clients

          Optimize sales channel strategy

        Smart Security Scenario

        The product can set up defense modes based on daily situations

        • Armed Stay
        • Armed Away
        • Disarmed

        Four Methods of Control

        Home Security Has Never Been this Simple

        • Scenario Automation

          Home security control is automatically implemented in accordance with the security devices added.

        • Active Scenario Switching

          Security scenarios can be proactively controlled by the app, network gateway, security remote control and other methods.

        • Passive Intelligent Switching

          Devices can passively switch security scenarios according to the preset scenario automation conditions.

        • Voice Control Management

          Tuya is compatible with mainstream intelligent voice control platforms, implementing home security control using your voice.

        Security Upgrade Driven by Intelligent Technology


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